“Cuties in the air” card #7: CLOSE YOUR EYES

Today’s card #7 is CLOSE YOUR EYES. Walking in the park. Closing my eyes. Still walking – a bit slower, a bit more carefully. I feel each stone poking my feet though I am wearing trekking shoes. Sun is shining in my face – interrupted by the shade of the trees. This makes me feel somehow more hesistant – it makes me walk more slowly as if there are real obstacles. But at the same time it feels so good – it makes walking with my eyes closed addictive – I want to continue. I try to pay attention to other things. I can hear the birds, some voices behind us – oh, and I smell some strong perfume. This is kind of disturbing. I am opening my eyes. A couple in front of us is promenading at the lake…

We are taking another route – more wild through the woods – more deserted. I need to close my eyes again. It is relaxing. It feels intense. It gives me new sensations of walking a path I have already taken several times. Eyes closed walking. Please give it a try sometime, too.

And yes, maybe someone can guide you – I was also walking supported by reliable arms. 🙂

Close your eyes_published_web
“Cuties in the air” card #7: CLOSE YOUR EYES Card #7: CLOSE YOUR EYES

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