“Cuties in the air” card #6: CATCH THE MOMENT

Today’s card #6 is CATCH THE MOMENT. At the playground. I am sitting on some wooden blocks at a sandbox, watching my child playing in the sand, completely immersed in her own world. The early spring sun is shining into my face, flooding my body with its warmth. I dare to close my eyes for some few seconds. What a peaceful moment full of contentment. I am enjoying it. My thoughts are wandering and … this peaceful moment got interrupted by a “there must be something – it’s too perfect”-thought. I am opening my eyes – “Am I sitting on a sticky chewing gum?” – “Is my back leaning against some dirt?” – “No, everything is fine.” – I relax again.

Yes, five minutes later I was cleaning my daughter’s hands – a cat made its little business in the sand.

Moments, emotions, feelings – they change. Try to catch the moment without thinking too much – it is going to change in any case. Just enjoy and move forward to the next situation when the time comes. And yes, from good to bad, from bad to good – it’s a see-saw of moments.

Catch the moment_published_web
“Cuties in the air” card #6: CATCH THE MOMENT Card #6: CATCH THE MOMENT

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