“Cuties in the air” card #5: JUST SAY IT!

Today’s card #5 is: JUST SAY IT! About two weeks ago I met an inspiring woman at a girl friend’s house. Her name is Jasmina. And I thought she was a wonderful person. I came home with the intention to drop her a quick email the next day – just to say that I really liked her company and enjoyed talking with her. Days passed by… and so far no email has been sent.

Somehow it seems to be kind of difficult to send some nice words to someone else that we hardly know. If we just overcame this little struggle inside, we could make “our” world a tiny bit lovelier. Wouldn’t we ourselves like to receive some friendly words, too? Wouldn’t we feel happier if we got more often some appreciation and warm words?

“I liked chatting with you”, “Your smile is contagious”, “I really appreciate your help”, “You are so motivating…” How does it feel? These little words could make your day – and the day of others, too.

So, just take these little 5 minutes and brighten up someone else’s day. And I am sure that you will feel much better, too. I’ll try it now.

Just say it_published_web
“Cuties in the air” card #5: JUST SAY IT!, Card #5: JUST SAY IT!

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