“Cuties in the air” card #8: MELT AWAY!

Today’s card #8 is: MELT AWAY! I am looking forward to diving into a “chocolate treat” this week. Enjoying some extra portion of delicious chocolate – egg shaped, bunny shaped, chick shaped….

Oh, and if you would like to enjoy your chocolate to the max what about using all your senses and doing a degustation with your friends or family?: First, what does the piece of chocolate look like? Now, close your eyes… How does this little piece of chocolate feel?, How does it smell?, Does it make sounds? (Maybe when you bite into it…),  and finally… How does it taste?….. hmmm, and now melt away. Happy Easter!

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“Cuties in the air” card #8: MELT AWAY!, Card #8: Melt away

“Cuties in the air” card #7: CLOSE YOUR EYES

Today’s card #7 is CLOSE YOUR EYES. Walking in the park. Closing my eyes. Still walking – a bit slower, a bit more carefully. I feel each stone poking my feet though I am wearing trekking shoes. Sun is shining in my face – interrupted by the shade of the trees. This makes me feel somehow more hesistant – it makes me walk more slowly as if there are real obstacles. But at the same time it feels so good – it makes walking with my eyes closed addictive – I want to continue. I try to pay attention to other things. I can hear the birds, some voices behind us – oh, and I smell some strong perfume. This is kind of disturbing. I am opening my eyes. A couple in front of us is promenading at the lake…

We are taking another route – more wild through the woods – more deserted. I need to close my eyes again. It is relaxing. It feels intense. It gives me new sensations of walking a path I have already taken several times. Eyes closed walking. Please give it a try sometime, too.

And yes, maybe someone can guide you – I was also walking supported by reliable arms. 🙂

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“Cuties in the air” card #7: CLOSE YOUR EYES Card #7: CLOSE YOUR EYES

“Cuties in the air” card #6: CATCH THE MOMENT

Today’s card #6 is CATCH THE MOMENT. At the playground. I am sitting on some wooden blocks at a sandbox, watching my child playing in the sand, completely immersed in her own world. The early spring sun is shining into my face, flooding my body with its warmth. I dare to close my eyes for some few seconds. What a peaceful moment full of contentment. I am enjoying it. My thoughts are wandering and … this peaceful moment got interrupted by a “there must be something – it’s too perfect”-thought. I am opening my eyes – “Am I sitting on a sticky chewing gum?” – “Is my back leaning against some dirt?” – “No, everything is fine.” – I relax again.

Yes, five minutes later I was cleaning my daughter’s hands – a cat made its little business in the sand.

Moments, emotions, feelings – they change. Try to catch the moment without thinking too much – it is going to change in any case. Just enjoy and move forward to the next situation when the time comes. And yes, from good to bad, from bad to good – it’s a see-saw of moments.

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“Cuties in the air” card #6: CATCH THE MOMENT Card #6: CATCH THE MOMENT

“Cuties in the air” card #5: JUST SAY IT!

Today’s card #5 is: JUST SAY IT! About two weeks ago I met an inspiring woman at a girl friend’s house. Her name is Jasmina. And I thought she was a wonderful person. I came home with the intention to drop her a quick email the next day – just to say that I really liked her company and enjoyed talking with her. Days passed by… and so far no email has been sent.

Somehow it seems to be kind of difficult to send some nice words to someone else that we hardly know. If we just overcame this little struggle inside, we could make “our” world a tiny bit lovelier. Wouldn’t we ourselves like to receive some friendly words, too? Wouldn’t we feel happier if we got more often some appreciation and warm words?

“I liked chatting with you”, “Your smile is contagious”, “I really appreciate your help”, “You are so motivating…” How does it feel? These little words could make your day – and the day of others, too.

So, just take these little 5 minutes and brighten up someone else’s day. And I am sure that you will feel much better, too. I’ll try it now.

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“Cuties in the air” card #5: JUST SAY IT!, Card #5: JUST SAY IT!