“SUPERHEROES” T-Shirt – a kids’ project

Super Heroes_0001

It’s not going about carnival. It’s going about a kids’ project I would like to initiate. This project came to my mind several years ago, inspired by my sister Caroline (a big “thank you” :)). She was doing an internship in Ireland when she felt sick and had to go to the hospital. The results of the examination were inconclusive, and my sister remained in the hospital with her stomach ache…. and with her positive attitude: she put a green T-shirt on that stood in her eyes for hope. Eventually she got better and she got fine.

I don’t want to say that the green T-shirt healed her. But it helped her mentally to stay positive and believe that things would turn out in a good way.

This inspired me to create the “SUPERHEROES” T-shirt kids’ project. I thought it would be great if children – especially sick children, but any others, too – had a T-shirt that stood for HOPE, LOVE and POSITIVE ENERGY. A T-shirt they would love to wear and that would give them strength and a good feeling – even if it was for a short moment only. A T-shirt that could support the children in their healing process – a T-shirt that would make them feel like SUPERHEROES.

But it’s not just a plain T-shirt – no, this T-shirt will be printed with a motif jointly made by children. A “SUPERHEROES” T-shirt designed by children for children – full of hope, love and positive energy!

This project is about imagination – I believe in the power of imagination. It’s about giving – I believe in the power of giving. And it’s about children – yes, and I believe in the power of children!

My dream is to do this project all over the world. And I am just at the beginning…. I? No, it’s a “WE” project. A project for which many helping hands are needed – starting with the precious hands and intuitive creative minds of children. We also need a room to create art with the children, we need hospitals that are interested in this project… and we need you – people who believe in the power of imagination, giving and children.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in this project I would be happy to hear from you. If you are interested in having your 6-12 year old child participating in the SUPERHEROES contest please contact me. No special skills are necessary. Once location, date etc. are fixed you will be informed right away.

We will start to create the T-shirts in Brussels, donating them to hospitals in Belgium – and of course to others if there is demand, and we want to pre-sell them soon (“Get One, Give One”).

Thank you for your interest! And if you know somebody who might like this project please feel free to share this information. We will write about the progress of the SUPERHEROES project on this blog. Thank you for connecting by sending me a message on Facebook or via the LOD’WI blog newsletter or send me a mail.





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