“Cuties in the air” card #2: FEELING CLOSE TO NATURE

Today’s card #2 is FEELING CLOSE TO NATURE. Some days ago I was walking in the woods. It was misty and drizzling. And somehow a tree got my attention and I just wanted to touch him. “May I touch you, wonderful tree?”… the bark was rough and full of structure. And at the same time soft, covered by green wet moss. I was wondering how many years the tree has been rooted there… standing there… in the rain, sun, wind, snow… Giving us oxygen, beautiful leaves, protection. Giving me that day strength and energy. “It was nice connecting with you.”

Tree hugging (or just touching) is not weird and not just for hippies. Re-connecting with nature is becoming more and more important again. Have a look at The School of Life: http://www.theschooloflife.com/london/shop/how-to-connect-with-nature/

Maybe you want to invite a friend for a tree hug walk?

Feeling close to nature_published
“Cuties in the air”#2: FEELING CLOSE TO NATURE



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