“Cuties in the air” cards

For the next 12 weeks I am going to publish “Cuties in the air”. It’s a series of cards that I hope make you smile and other people, too when they receive this card in their mailbox. These cards are hand-crafted – the small irregularities are part of it. And – “Cuties in the air” cards are currently only digitally available.

Today’s card #1 is THANK YOU MY BODY. Our body is such a miracle and does magic everyday. Our small feet carry our heavy body, the heart is pumping constantly, skin heals and bones grow together again. It’s time to say THANK YOU for all its wonderful doing, every day, hour and second. Maybe you feel grateful for a special part of your body; your organs, your eyes, your legs, your nails, your skin? I found this makes feel good to raise the awareness of our body. Maybe you like to say “Thank You”, too by downloading this card?

Thank you my body_web
 “Cuties in the air” card #1: THANK YOU MY BODY Card #1: THANK YOU MY BODY

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