No Destination

Satish Kumar No Destination

I met Satish Kumar at an Etsy event in Eindhoven, the Netherlands in autumn 2012. He was invited to give a speech that was fascinating – no – he was fascinating and his words inspired and were so good to hear. So, after the event I wanted to know more about him and bought his autobiography – No Destination. This book is easy to read and opens room for thoughts. It’s difficult to pick out the most important points for oneself, but I think for myself the following are the ones I mainly kept in mind:

1. Economy in line with nature – why do we always demand more and are not just happy with what we need? Isn’t nature something we should treat respectfully? But it’s hard if we cannot even respect our own species with its different cultures, religions and colors…let’s try it.

2. To see work as a gift to society. This sounds so beautiful and soft – my gift is my work – I care and I like to give what I like to do. A dream?

3. Create and make things by hand according to the BUD principle: Beautiful – Useful – Durable. Do we need more? Hmm, maybe a “S”  – for Sustainable: BUDS.

This book from Satish Kumar does not mention new thoughts, but it nicely shows and combines some statements about life that I happily will use as guidelines.


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