About consumption


“We are tempted to believe that certain achievements and possessions will guarantee us an enduring satisfaction.” (Rousseau from Status Anxiety, Alain de Botton) Yes – new possessions may give us satisfaction – maybe for the first moments, but then we have enough – the new dress is beautiful and it is just lovable – but once it is purchased the desire is cleared. I guess with gadgets it is similar… You don’t NEED these products you just desire them – and why? Maybe because you get nice compliments, maybe because you want to be trendy or sexy…maybe… you just want to demonstrate who you want to be… or maybe you just like it for whatever reason. “Material possessions are used as symbols of what we are, what we have been, and what we are attempting to become.” (Emotionally durable design, Jonathan Chapman). And “…consumers acquire meanings, not objects, objects simply provide a way of perceiving the meaning. “(Emotionally durable design, Jonathan Chapman). If you find yourself once again in this situation that you need this cool T-shirt or these trendy red shoes… try John Lancaster’s suggestion: try to imagine – step by step – that you possess the product and how you would use/consume it… If you need more explanation, have a look on THE SCHOOL OF LIFE

I have not tried it so far – let me know your results if you tried it.


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