Freedom Ahead – some statements

I recently watched the wonderful movie “Freedom ahead” – by the way a MUST if you are interested in permaculture and thought-provoking impulses. I would like to share some statements that amongst others caught my attention:

Food is more security than money”: There are different societies and for some of them this statement applies to 100%. But I think that even for the Western societies it is important to realize that money is not everything. Currently it is hard to imagine that there is no food, but money… though this is not really unrealistic … this sentence puts the importance of money in context – and maybe helps to realize that money has a very relative value. Don’t overvalue it and don’t let it rule your life.

Forget about fear and freedom is yours” – what a nice sentence by Aviram Rozine, co-founder of Sadhana Forest – but everybody who tried can most probably confirm how difficult it is to break out of society rules and how true if you manage sometimes somehow.

…if you follow fashion you never catch up with it – because you follow it.” I like this sentence by Jon Jandai co-founder of Pun Pun. Maybe he means that we are running after something that we cannot catch anyway – by following the fashion we try to reach happiness? There are various possibilities of interpretation. I would like to apply this sentence the following: following is not good enough – either you are the trendsetter and can influence it (in a positive way such as offering bio fashion) or you chose a different approach such as offering fashion-independent cloths. By choosing the second approach I ask you do we need to be dressed in the latest color and style matching the mass trend? Isn’t it much more important to have a product that you will like and that lasts for several years and that has a meaning such as is hand-made out of bio material? This is much more sustainable, unique, healthier, more comfortable, and is even a more value-for-money approach.


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