Ways of creating pattern

Pattern overlays tree trunk

There are many ways of creating pattern. I started my pattern creation path in a very simple way – I had a rough idea of what I want to draw and started to design – just based on this idea. Somehow my designs often turned out completely different of my initial idea. But who cares as there was no client behind. There are other designers who have a very clear imagine in head and they can reproduce exactly this on paper. It doesn’t matter how – most important is that you get something on paper. Recently I explored another way of creating pattern: I took some pictures of tree trunks – just because I like their structure a lot. Based on several photos I started to let my imagination run wild. I like this process a lot to just have several pics of one theme and to find different starting points. The result is always surprising and you have to look at an image from different angles. Currently, I am getting to explore another way of designing pattern – more thought through: I have one topic and I will create a mood board – something with what many designers work. Additionally I want to give more sense to my pattern…more about this soon.


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